AEROCOR & Apex Aviation to Provide Free Aircraft Pick up & Delivery


Los Angeles, CA: AEROCOR announces that is has partnered with Henderson Nevada based part 145 repair station Apex Aviation to provide free aircraft pickup & delivery for its Eclipse 500/500 maintenance customers.

Pilot time is provided at no cost and as an additional no cost option, owners can opt to have AEROCOR pilots complete a full flight test profile. “Taking the hassle out of scheduling maintenance wasn’t enough. We also wanted to provide a service that would improve the maintenance process itself. Identifying and troubleshooting discrepancies enroute streamlines the maintenance process and ensures that our clients are returned a squawk free aircraft. In all, it’s around three thousand dollars worth of services provided for free.” says AEROCOR co-founder Gavin Woodman. Clients are only responsible for normal expenses, such as pilot airfare and aircraft fuel.

To learn more about AEROCOR pickup and delivery services, contact AEROCOR at 747.777.9505,, or visit