FAA Bulletin Addresses Aspen Display Resets


Image: Aspen Avionics

The FAA has issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) warning pilots of potential display resets in Aspen Evolution EFD1000 Primary Flight Display (PFD), EFD1000 Multi-Function Display (MFD) and EFD500 MFD units. According to the SAIB, affected systems will repeatedly reset themselves at five- to ten-minute intervals, resulting in the temporary loss of all flight display information for up to one minute during each reset. The SAIB (PDF) was issued for Aspen units with software version 2.9 and the ADS-B In (FIS-B) Weather Interface option installed.

“The cause of this safety issue is currently under investigation; however, preliminary information suggests that the cause of the continuous reset is related to the ADS-B In interface,” said the FAA. “Pulling the ADS-B circuit breaker as described in section 3.2.6 of the Flight Manual supplement has been demonstrated to resolve the issue.”

The FAA is recommending that owners and operators flying with the Aspen units and software described restrict flight to day VFR only or disable the ADS-B In (FIS-B) option. In addition, the agency is asking owners and operators of any ADS-B In (FIS-B) enabled aircraft and owners and operators of Aspen EFD flight displays to notify them of any similar events. According to the FAA, service information from Aspen is forthcoming.