Emirates A380 Damaged In Moscow


Emirates is in a tough scrape after one of its A380s got grounded in Moscow in a ramp accident last week. The airline confirmed the Super Jumbo was taken out of service after a service truck “made contact” with the belly of the plane. It’s not clear who hit who in the mishap, but the damage is extensive. Photos on X show composite skin torn away with the aircraft structure exposed.

It’s also not clear whether repairs will be complicated by sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. It would appear the plane will have to be repaired in Moscow before it can be flown out. The aircraft was being readied for a flight to Dubai when the collision occurred. There were no passengers onboard. They were accommodated on a later flight. Emirates operates three flights a day using A380s and carries tens of thousands of passengers every month.

Russ Niles
Russ Niles is Editor-in-Chief of AVweb. He has been a pilot for 30 years and joined AVweb 22 years ago. He and his wife Marni live in southern British Columbia where they also operate a small winery.


    • How so…? From the look of it the vehicle is pinned under the belly away from the damage – it appears to me the truck reversed under the aircraft.

      I’m disappointed that Emirates is serving Russia. So good on them.

  1. “The aircraft was being readied for a flight to Dubai when the collision occurred. There were no passengers onboard.” The passengers had not yet boarded.

  2. I was surprised to read that Emirates has three flights a day between Moscow and Dubai. Two of the flights utilize an A380. That’s at least 800 seats a day. Who are taking these flights and where do they go after they land in Dubai? What kind of cargo are the flights carrying into Moscow? It’s unsettling to me that an Emirates A380, sitting on a gate at LAX or JFK, might have been sitting on a gate in Moscow the day before.

    • Who is taking the flights? Well there’s likely a lot of money that needs to exit Russia and find laundromats.

  3. All good comments.

    That trunk is wedged under there pretty good. Just look at the height between the front bumper and the ground.

    Then again, who isn’t surprised at the knuckleheads who peal back local delivery truck roofs on overpasses?

    Seems like every able bodied man is fighting in Ukraine. Who’s left with an IQ above room temperature to operate airport vehicles over there?

  4. Russians are the most visited people to UAE after the WAR with Ukraine started. The Real-estate value of properties went sky rocket after the Russians started investing in Villas and Apartments in UAE rather than in thier Homeland. If 3 flights are operational per day means close to 1500 PAX

  5. I find it hard the believe that a truck driver would have continued reversing for several feet as his cab was getting ever more squashed down. The only way for me is that the a/c was turning quite sharply and ran over the top of the truck. I’m no structural engineer but the forces look considerable and like others wonder if Moscow has the equipment or skillset to effect a safe repair. Have to make a note of the reg and make sure I don’t board it in the future.
    Like others I’ve never felt comfortable that Emirates is quite happy to take the Rouble – kind of like running with the fox & the hounds.

    • The driver of the truck suffered a stroke that left him paralysed (according to a news site…). That would account for the outcome.

  6. Patch? it up, fly it out to somewhere where it can be either repaired or scrapped, negotiate with the underwriters and salvage whatever is of value. Fly out at holding speed, climb to 15 to 22K and have the pilots wear oxy bags with no pressurization. What’s it worth sitting on the tarmac in Moscow?

  7. It disturbs me to learn that Emirates is flying to Moscow enabling Russians to travel freely between Moscow and Dubai and onto other places….I wonder what cargo is carried?