Daher Offers Transformer Lav for TBM Line


As the single-engine turboprop market grows ever more competitive, Daher will try to keep ahead of the competition with a quick-change interior lavatory option for the TBM line. Daher announced the option at AirVenture 2016 and said it would be available next year on new-production aircraft.

Daher calls the option the “Elite Privacy” configuration and it integrates a small lav into the very rear of the aircraft cabin. When not in use, it functions as a bench-type seat, according to the company. Although we didn’t see it operate at the show, the Elite Privacy option appears to be a bit of a transformer. A pair of electric motors drives a multi-segment partition that enclose the lav seat at the touch of button. A second touch restores it to the bench seat. The lav can be removed and installed by a mechanic in about 30 minutes, Daher said. It weighs about 90 pounds (45 kg) according to Daher specs. The bench seat is aligned along the cabin’s right aft wall, so it’s out of the way when passengers are boarding. Find out more at Daher’s website.