Top Letters And Comments, March 8, 2019

This week's letters brought comments from readers about Boeing's acquisition of ForeFlight, the 2016 crash of a Cessna 182D Skylane and airline training academies.

Boeing Buys ForeFlight

Boeing announced on Wednesday that it has acquired aviation app company ForeFlight. ForeFlight has been working in partnership with Jeppesen-also owned by Boeing-for the last two years to offer Jeppesens aeronautical data and charts on ForeFlight mobile platforms.

FAA To Update Drone App

The FAA has partnered with drone operations software company Kittyhawk to redesign the agencys B4UFLY mobile app for recreational unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drone) operators. According to the FAA, the new version, which is scheduled to launch in April 2019, will be aimed at improving user experience.

ForeFlight Offers Airport 3D View

ForeFlight has introduced a new interactive airport familiarization tool for its Mobile Integrated Flight App. According to ForeFlight, Airport 3D View simulates airport environments around the world by using the companys mapping and synthetic vision platform to combine high-resolution terrain with aerial imagery.

ForeFlight Adds Custom Content Packs

ForeFlight now lets pilots import, use and share custom content bundles through its Custom Content Packs feature. Introduced last month, Content Packs can include customized airport diagrams; procedure plates; georeferenced charts; map layers containing shapes, points and labels; and navigation data that links custom waypoints to PDF files.

Researchers Launch Pilot Radio Sim

Purdue Universitys Research Foundation is helping two Purdue alumni develop and market a new aviation communications simulator aimed at helping new pilots (or rusty old pilots) master radios skills and phraseology.

APG’s Flight Planning For Jets

In the jet world, it's all about crunching runway performance numbers and the logical way to do it is with a capable tablet app. Aircraft Performance Group (APG) has been offering just that with its iPreflight performance app. Equipped with over 350 aircraft models and 9000 airfields, the new Genesis app goes deep into runway performance calculations, and now a new flight planning utility could make it one of the most capable programs available for jet cockpits. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano got a demo of the app on the floor of the NBAA-BACE conference in Orlando, Florida, and prepared this video report.

ForeFlight Demos Trip Assistant

ForeFlights Angela Anderson demonstrated the companys new Trip Assistant for AVweb at the NBAA convention this year. In addition to time in the air, the door-to-door trip planning tool can include drive times, fuel stops and prices, passenger pick-up and more.

ForeFlight Adds BizAv Features

ForeFlight is at NBAAs convention in Orlando this week with a bundle of new products designed for high-performance business aviation aircraft. We raised the bar and transformed ForeFlights product suite into a high-powered, next-generation integrated flight deck and flight-planning application for business aviation, said CEO Tyson Weihs, at the show.

Gone But Not Forgotten

The Area Forecast (FA) has gone the way of the Dodo bird, and the reason is easy to guess. Like the bird, it has been upstaged and outdated. While a positive move, sometimes when we simplify things we may miss some essentials.

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