MiraCheck Brings A Virtual Copilot To Smartphones


MiraCheck Copilot started a few years ago as a unique electronic checklist app that uses CRM-like challenge/response, but the latest version of the program has morphed into a virtual copilot. Using speech recognition (connected via Bluetooth), the app can run side-by-side with most navigation apps (including ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot) and is always listening in the background to run customizable checklists, help with flight planning, backstop emergency procedures and to fetch airport and airspace information on the fly. Think of it as the Siri or Alexa of the cockpit.

MiraCheck uses an AI on-device speech recognition engine, which has made huge strides in recent years and allows you to quickly move through your content completely hands free. You can jump around using touch or voice. Say, “Mira, go to Engine Failure,” for example, and she’ll read your engine failure checklist.

That’s the MiraCheck app displayed on an iPad.

When it comes to checklist use, it’s easy to get complacent—especially during preflighting chores. But with a smartphone in the back pocket, you can do customized walk-around preflights while talking with Mira through your earbuds. In the cockpit, you can stash the smartphone or tablet in a map pocket or flight bag and still communicate with the app.

Version 5 of the MiraCheck program is a big leap for truly modeling a copilot and it sets the foundation for future enhancements to a hands-free cockpit. “Imagine your copilot being proactive because your destination airport just changed to low IFR (or to something below your personal minimums) and she offers up some nearby airports where you can then quickly get the information needed to divert. Or imagine her warning you of your engine monitor recognizing an abnormal situation and telling you the probable cause and the steps to mitigate for the best possible outcome,” explained MiraCheck developer Jeff Bonasso. He set out to develop a better way to run checklists after some close calls (and expensive repairs) in his own airplane because he got sloppy with checklists use.

The MiraCheck team has also been working with one of the leading augmented reality companies to optimize the platform for AR glasses—a hands-free headsup display always in your line of sight. The app is compatible with Apple and Android devices, and the Pro version of the app is offered for $99 (currently good for a lifetime), but pricing will likely change when version 5 rolls out. For more visit www.miracheck.com, and watch a fly-along demo of the app linked below.

Larry Anglisano
Larry Anglisano is a regular AVweb contributor and the Editor in Chief of sister publication Aviation Consumer magazine. He's an active land, sea and glider pilot, and has over 30 years experience as an avionics tech.

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  1. Hello Mike. This is Jeff from MiraCheck. The ATC comms are only coming through earphones so on a headset with good noise-cancelling mics, it doesn’t affect voice reco at all. I am an active instrument-rated pilot and test on every flight and talk to ATC a lot. There are may configurable features like how long to have Mira listen before needing to give a wake word as well which is useful if flying with a real co-pilot or passengers you may be communicating with. You can also say STOP LISTENING to have her sleep, or toggle voice reco off completely from the QuickBar. In the future I will try to create a video with all the ATC comms going on in parallel as well.

  2. I was looking for a tool to build my own checklist and came across MiraCheck. Sold ! Definitely liked the voice recognition engine for cockpit use. Looking forward to learn more about the app and starting using it.