Pilots Kept In Dark During Hijack Scare

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There was tension in the air and in the cockpit of an American Airlines aircraft at New York's JFK Airport on Monday when the arriving American plane and a Finn Air flight were ordered to a remote area instead of getting instructions for their gates. Authorities had received a threat that armed terrorists were concealed in the wheel wells of both aircraft and the response was predictable. However, for whatever reason, the authorities elected to not tell the American pilot, at least, why there were fire trucks and armed police around his plane. As the accompanying video shows, the American captain was having none of that.

As the ground controller continues to try to stall his requests for information, the increasingly frustrated pilot issues an ultimatum. "Somebody's got to give us the reason or we're going to evacuate the aircraft. You got 60 seconds." The controller finally relents and the passengers avoid a ride on the inflatable slides. The threats were a hoax and the aircraft were cleared a few hours later.