Times Up On FAA ADS-B Rebate

If youve been waiting to place your reservation for the FAAs $500 rebate to install ADS-B Out avionics, well … youve waited too long. The FAA announced on Monday that it had taken the last of the 20,000 reservations begun in September 2016.

Boeing And Aerion Partner In AS2 Supersonic Bizjet

Boeing and Aerion Supersonic announced their partnership today to bring the Mach 1.4 AS2 supersonic business jet to market by 2023, lending serious commercial muscle to the prospect of high-speed executive travel.

uAvionix skyBeacon Gets Final Certification

After a lengthy certification process, Montana-based uAvionix announced today that it has earned STC approval via AML (approved model list) for installation of its wingtip ADS-B/position lighting system for 272 aircraft models. It plans to ship the product immediately to buyers who have preordered.

More Dime-sized ADS-B Tech From uAvionix

After talking with shops immersed in ADS-B upgrade projects, it seems that transponder-based ADS-B Out retrofits are the leading solutions when it comes to ADS-B compliance. uAvionix looks to be aggressively pursuing that market with a new ADS-B chipset that can change the footprint of the GA transponder as we know it.

Avidyne Entegra Displays Get ADS-B

If you fly an Avidyne Entegra-equipped Cirrus or Piper, you've been waiting a while for the upgrade that puts ADS-B data on the big screens and Avidyne finally released the software to do it. There's also new software for playing ADS-B on Avidyne's smaller retrofit displays.

ADS-B On The Tail: tailBeacon Is Latest ADS-B Out Solution

With a follow-on to the skyBeacon wingtip ADS-B Out product that's been snagged in FAA TSO certification, uAvionix announced what it calls a zero-install ADS-B Out solution. It's called the tailBeacon and it has a 2020 ADS-B manadate-compliant ADS-B Out system packaged in an LED position light that can use some existing tail position light wiring. The TSO'd version is expected late September 2018, while an experimental version is available now.

Garmin Announces Another Portable ADS-B Receiver

Garmin's new GDL50 is the company's latest portable ADS-B receiver and a follow-up to its recently released GDL51 and GDL52.

FAA Ramps Up ADS-B Promotion

The FAA appears to be ramping up its promotion of ADS-B equipage now that the clock is really ticking on getting the gear.

Fight For ATC Just Warming Up

In a few months, the Trump administration will need a new FAA administrator because Michael Huerta's last day in Jan. 1. Who it picks and how it goes about getting him or her nominated could shape U.S. aviation policy for decades to come.

NextGen Brings Noise Complaints

Flight-path changes implemented due to NextGen have resulted in noise complaints in neighborhoods across the country, but due to the way the NextGen technology works, it may be difficult to address those conflicts, according to an Associated Press story published this week. David Grizzle, a former FAA chief operating officer, said its not possible to redesign procedures to fix the problems without losing out on NextGens advantages.

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