Video: Dynon HDX Install In A Skyhawk

Dynon Avionics has an STC for installing the Certified SkyView HDX in Cessna 172 Skyhawks (and also for some Beech Bonanza models), which in the end makes for an all-electric, all-glass ultra-modern...

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Because I lack the common decency to avoid saying I told you so, this is an I-told-you-so blog. Well, sort of, because what I thought or maybe predicted would happen didn’t happen. At least not in the way I might have imagined.

Dynon Expands SkyView HDX To Bonanza Models

It's facing stiff competition in the current glass cockpit market, but Dynon Avionics announced today that it has expanded the STC list for its Certified SkyView HDX retrofit avionics suite. The Bonanza P35 through V35B models are the latest to receive STC and PMA approval.

AEA: Dynon Drops Prices On SkyView Classic And SE, Retires Touch

Dynon Avionics has announced a slight reorganization of its product line with price reductions on two models, the SkyView Classic and SkyView SE, and the discontinuation of the SkyView Touch. Dynon has also said its close to receiving approval to fit the SkyView HDX to Beech 35-series airplanes via an STC.

Aspen Avionics: New Software Fix For FAA AD

If you have an Aspen Avionics retrofit EFIS display hit by the FAA's Airworthiness Directive, you're in luck. The company announced a fix with field-uploadable software.

Aspen’s E5 Low-Cost EFIS Now STC Certified

Aspen Avionics is the latest avionics manufacturer to earn a wide-reaching STC for the installation of a non-TSO primary flight display. Aspen's E5 electronic flight instrument (EFI) has a starting price of $4995, is highly configurable and upgradeable and can be installed without a backup attitude instrument.

Garmin’s Budget Autopilot Now Approved For Bonanzas

Garmin said it would aggressively pursue FAA installation approvals for its budget-based non-TSO GFC500 autopilot system, and it appears to be delivering on the promise with a fresh STC for Beech Bonanza and Debonair models. This is a sizable fleet base, but will the typical fly-away pricing hit the market's sweet spot?

Avidyne Moving On Cessna Citation Retrofits

For some owners of earlier Cessna Citation jets, flying an LPV approach is all but a dream because their older avionics just don't have the capability. Avidyne is working to change that with an STC that's in the works for retrofitting its IFD550/545 GPS navigators in CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3 Citations.

Can Dynon’s Installation Policy Really Work?

Until now, you went to an established avionics shop for a major avionics retrofit. But Dynon is changing that paradigm and opening up the installation of its Certified SkyView suite to A&P mechanics. Is this really a wise idea?

Dynon Expands Its Certified Retrofit Avionics Suite

Dynon Avionics says it is expanding the capabilities and the STC approvals for the Dynon HDX Certified retrofit flight display system. This includes a second display option, a Dynon VHF comm radio and an STC for installing the system in Beechcraft Bonanzas and Piper Senecas, with other approvals planned in the coming year.

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