U.K. Looks At Licensing Lasers

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British authorities are proposing to regulate the sale of laser pointers to curb attacks on aircraft. The U.K. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial has issued a “call for evidence” into possibly licensing the sale of small lasers. “Used irresponsibly or maliciously, these products can and do wreak havoc and harm others, with potentially catastrophic consequences,” said Business Minister Margot James. “That’s why we want to hear from business groups, retailers and consumers about the best way to protect the public from this kind of dangerous behaviour and improve safety.”

The U.K. recorded 1,258 incidents of lasers being pointed at aircraft and despite the obvious danger the highest penalty is a $3,200 fine. The new regulations would include jail sentences and stiffer fines for deliberately pointing lasers at aircraft. The issue is also a public health concern in that 150 people, mostly children, have suffered eye damage from laser exposure in the last three years. Public Health England spokesman John O’Hagan said he would favor steps to curb injuries from “cheap novelty products bought innocently on holiday [which] can put consumers, and particularly children, at risk of eye injuries.”

Comments (2)

Absolutely! And they should also outlaw talking on and/or using a cell phone if you are the driver of a vehicle, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to apply it to pilots operating aircraft!

Posted by: Richard Katz | August 14, 2017 12:33 PM    Report this comment

No time period given for the recorded laser incidents, 150 injuries in 3 years. Don't they have anything more important to discuss? Maybe bathtub injuries?

Posted by: William Babis | August 16, 2017 4:06 AM    Report this comment

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