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Last week, AVweb asked how rising fuel costs are affecting your flying.

The question came to us from reader Richard Herbst (of Control Vision Corp), and it sparked a few letters of comment.  (Whenever we mention the rising cost of avgas here in the U.S., we always here from pilots in the U.K. among other spots whose fuel prices make us blanch.)

Based on our informal survey, it seems AVweb readers aren't pushing any panic buttons yet.  About half of those who responded to our question (55% of you, to be exact) say that rising fuel costs have had no particular effect on your flying or that you're merely taking a more active interest in price-shopping for fuel as part of your preflight planning.

A good 23% of you, though, said you're already flying considerably less, and 9% of you are trying (when possible) to avoid high-profile FBOs in the hunt for cheaper fuel.

4% of you are considering a more fuel-efficient bird to replace your current ride.

And a pretty significant 9% of you told us that, if prices keep rising, you'll be forced to give up flying altogether.


Another topic that always generates reader mail:  UFOs.

Do you buy the "secret" report out of the U.K. that UFOs are mainly non-threatening aircraft or unusual weather phenomena?  (Read more here.)

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