Question of the Week: Homeland Air Charters, Foreign Hands — Safety or Paranoia?

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NASA has made the decision to release the results of the aviation safety survey the agency had previously decided to withhold but should that have been their call alone?  Last week, we asked AVweb readers who should make such decisions when it comes to releasing safety-related studies to the public.

A full 58% of our respondents said that all such information should be freely accessible as long as its availability doesn't compromise security or defense, that is.  On top of that, another 35% said safety information should always be freely available to the general public.

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With the FAA's revocation of AMI's jet air charter certificate, we're hearing a lot of talk that reminds us of last year's Dubai port controversy. Safety and security definitely seem to be at play in the FAA's decision, but were they overreacting? We'd like to hear what AVweb readers think: Should foreign companies be allowed to manage the flight operations of U.S.-based charters?

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