Cirrus Perception: A Reconfigurable “Sensor-Capable” Special Mission Aircraft


Duluth, Minn. (July 23, 2014) – Today Cirrus Aircraft has introduced a “sensor-capable” special mission aircraft based on its Generation 5 SR22/SR22T aircraft. Cirrus’ special mission platform Cirrus Perception(TM) will be available in mid-2015. With Cirrus Perception, Cirrus will create a unique new class of prospective owners and operators for SR22/SR22T aircraft. Cirrus Perception also introduces a new style of reconfigurable special mission aircraft, easily and quickly converting from standard aircraft to an advanced observation platform. Aerial sensor and observation systems are quickly becoming more advanced; and also lighter, more compact and affordable. Special mission operators no longer need a large turbine aircraft or rotorcraft carrying heavy, antiquated technology. The Cirrus SR22/SR22T is an ideal platform that has no rival in terms of cost, systems integration, mission adaptability and flexibility.