CTS Expands Online Training Options to Include International Operations


Wichita, KS: July 24, 2014 – CTS expands its catalog of online training to include an International Operations course addressing the most current and upcoming requirements for international operations, covering the guidelines and recommended training topics from FAA Order 8900.1 and Advisory Circular 91-70A. Designed to provide an overview of international operations sufficient for Part 91, 91K, 125, and 135 recurrent training, topics such as North Atlantic Operations, Minimum Navigation Performance Airspace (MNPS, RVSM, RNP-4, RNP-10, B-RNAV, and P-RNAV), as well as FANS-1/A (CPDLC and ADS-C) are included. Each module includes interactive tutorials, lessons, a comprehensive exam, and comes equipped with built-in recordkeeping to accurately and effortlessly track progress. To help create a tailored training program, this can be assigned as a standalone course or integrated into a more inclusive training package.

About CTS Developing aviation training since 1982, CTS is the premier provider of online training for Part 91, 91K, 125 and 135 operators, providing a one-stop resource for indoctrination and recurrent training. CTS offers four major elements of training through an internet-based training platform: general aviation subjects, aircraft specific training (fixed wing and rotor wing), air medical crewmember training, and operator-specific training based on customer Operations Specifications and procedures. We can also custom-build training content to any specification.

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