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Parsippany, New Jersey – Global Aerospace, Inc., announces additional Upset Recovery Training (URT) offerings scheduled for the weeks of September 8, 2014 and September 15, 2014 in Niagara Falls, New York.

Loss of Control (LOC) in-flight is undeniably one of the leading causes of aircraft crashes and crash-related fatalities. Global Aerospace recognizes that pilots in our industry have become increasingly dependent upon automated systems and many do not have the opportunity to regularly practice and develop their airmanship skills. Calspan’s Advanced Maneuvering & Upset Recovery Training (AM-URT) provides our customers with technically advanced upset training specifically designed for business jet pilots.

In February, 2014, Calspan and Global Aerospace held their first successful training event in Mojave, CA. Pilots from six different flight departments took part in a two day URT class. The Calspan training program designed for Global Aerospace customers includes ground school as well as in-flight simulator training in a modified Learjet. The Lear is outfitted to respond to input controls with the same motions as a larger cabin-class swept wing business jet.

“The Lear flight was outstanding. I found all aspects of the various planned simulations to be relevant and significant. The wake turbulence simulations, control malfunctions (hydraulic failures) and CG changes proved most valuable in my humble opinion…overall it was an excellent experience.” Thomas Benvenuto, V.P. Flight Operations, Solairus Aviation

“Calspan’s method of using an actual business jet aircraft for their AM-URT training rather than an aerobatic aircraft or ground-based simulator makes this type of training invaluable to any pilot flying a high-performance aircraft. In addition, the knowledge and experience of their instructors are top-notch.” Scott Marsch, Senior Captain, AutoNation, Inc.

“This is the 3rd upset recovery school that I have attended over the last five years. It’s the only one that can truly replicate the experience of recovering from an upset condition in a corporate airplane. Additionally, the unique capabilities of the modified Learjet provide an experience that other schools can’t match.” Jason Park, Standards and Flights Operations, Medimpact Flight Operations

To find out more about Calspan’s URT training program with Global Aerospace, contact your local underwriter.

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About Calspan Calspan Corporation has been providing research and testing services in the aviation and transportation industries for over 70 years. Calspan’s Advanced Maneuvering & Upset Recovery Training (AM-URT) program provides the most genuine and technically advanced upset training experience available specifically designed for commercial jet pilots. Their curriculum is derived from real-world aviation accidents presented in a completely safe airborne simulation environment. Calspan’s training methods are based on 14 years of government and industry sponsored research and focus on the most effective upset recovery techniques. The training includes classroom instruction and in-flight training in an aerobatic Beech Bonanza and unique Learjet In-Flight Simulators. For more information, visit