FAA's Privacy Decision: Martha King Speaks Out

INTERVIEW. Since AVweb came out strongly in opposition to the FAA's controversial decision to stop making airman mailing addresses available to industry and the public (see Mike Busch's editorial "Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater"), the silence from the alphabet groups and aviation press has been deafening. An industry leader who has had the courage to speak out on this issue is Martha King of King Schools. One of aviation's most respected flight instructors and business leaders, Martha discussed her views on this complex subject with AVweb editor-in-chief Mike Busch in this exclusive AVweb interview. She explains not only why the FAA decision is bad for aviation safety and inconsistent with the FAA's principal mission, but also discusses the extraordinary manner in which the FAA's top lawyers appear to have rammed this ill-conceived reversal of long-standing FAA policy down the throats of other high-level FAA policymakers (many of whom disagree strongly with it), not to mention the aviation industry and the airmen who are most adversely affected.

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