Trig Avionics Offers Low-Cost ADS-B GPS Receiver, Comm Radio


At AirVenture 2017, Trig Avionics introduced a budget-based WAAS GPS receiver that meets the FAR 91.227 position source requirement for the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate. Priced at $389, the TSO’d TN72 remote GPS receiver is compatible with Trig’s TT22 or TT31 TSO’d 1090ES transponders.

The TN72 GPS doesn’t have an STC, so it’s intended as a solution for LSA and experimental applications, although Trig said the solution can be used in certified aircraft as a means of obtaining reliable ADS-B In traffic while in non-ADS-B airspace (this will require an ADS-B In receiver, of course). The GPS also requires the $345 TA70 antenna. Including the TT22, a mandate-compliant system has a list price of $3029. The GPS will be available this coming September.

Trig also introduced lower-cost VHF comm radios that don’t have 8.33 channel spacing, which are aimed at U.S. operators. The 760-channel TY96A (14-volt) and TY97A (28-volt) radios are 1.3 inches tall and have a 200-frequency database that can be customized via a USB port, an emergency button and a “say again” feature for instant playback of the last received transmissions. It also has a two-place intercom with stereo entertainment input. The TY97A/TY96A radios have a list price of $1895.