More Cuts At Cirrus, Hawker Beech, Maybe Cessna


Cirrus Aircraft became the latest manufacturer to announce layoffs this week but most of the 85 people losing their jobs are office workers rather than production staff. “These are challenging days for Cirrus, but the decision made is in the best interest in the entire company,” VP of Marketing Todd Simmons told reporters. “Our outlook is still positive. We are making forward progress within the industry.” Cirrus’s announcement came on the heels of Hawker Beechcraft’s announcement earlier this week that about 300 staff are being let go and there are also reports that more cuts are coming at Cessna.

The Hawker Beechcraft layoffs came to light in a filing by the company to the State of Kansas and the Cessna cuts have not been formally announced. Wichita media is reporting the future cuts at Cessna will likely revolve around statutory holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.