Superior Airparts Returns with Chinese Funding


Superior Airparts, which has been operating in bankruptcy since 2009, announced that it has made a partnership deal with a Chinese technology group to both revitalize the company’s U.S. operations and to also build a factory in China. The Chinese plant will build Superior’s 180-HP Vantage engines for the Chinese and Asian markets. The new company will be called Superior Aviation, Beijing and the U.S. operation will a subsidiary. Tim Archer, who ran Superior’s marketing and sales for several years, will be the company’s new CEO.

In a press release sent to AVweb on Sunday, Superior said Archer will oversee day-to-day operations for Superior including directing the completion of the 14,400-square-foot state-of-the-art piston engine production facility in Beijing. That company will also be the sales arm for Superior’s line of PMA parts, including cylinders, also for the Chinese and Australasian market.

Does this inflow of capital mean that Superior will revitalize its parts business in the U.S.? That’s the plan, according to Superior publicist Dale Smith, although no schedule for the ramp-up was given.

“Let me be 100-percent clear on this point,” Archer said in the press release, “Superior Air Parts U.S. is the flagship of this organization’s global efforts. Superior’s U.S. headquarters will serve as the central point for the engineering, development, FAA certification and production of our new-generation engine products.” Further, he said the company plans “an aggressive new product development program.”

Superior Aviation, Beijing is described as the general aviation divisions of a joint venture between Weifang Tianxiang Technology Group and the People’s Republic of China.

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