LifePort Acquires Aeromatrix Composites Advanced Materials Line of Business


Woodland, Washington – LifePort, LLC (LifePort) has officially announced its acquisition of the advanced materials line of business from Aeromatrix Composites (Aeromatrix) reflecting its commitment to vertically integrated aircraft solutions.

LifePort, the respected name in air medical, custom interiors and armor solutions, acquired portions of the Aeromatrix business, including composite flat and formed panels, adhesives (ATR525, ATR1000 and ATR500), all ATR panel pins and inserts, as well as payload component product lines. The acquisition further strengthens LifePort’s strategy of leveraging its expertise and capabilities to continue developing innovative offerings that serve the aerospace community.

“Aeromatrix has an outstanding reputation for customer service and quality products. We are excited to expand on that reputation. The next step is executing a seamless integration”, said Jason Darley, CEO of LifePort. “This acquisition aligns with our customer-centric approach and expands our established position in the growing composites market while providing new capabilities and services to our customers”

This strategic acquisition continues LifePort’s vertical integration initiative, while solidifying its capability to provide next generation advanced materials solutions to aerospace and defense customers. The expanded portfolio will offer lighter-weight, and higher-performance products that can be rapidly manufactured. This combination not only expands LifePort’s product offering, but also reduces supply chain risk by diversifying the supply base, and generating efficiencies that bring added value to customers.

“It is easy to see why LifePort has such a strong reputation in the aerospace industry. Jason and his team are incredibly professional to work with,” said Jack Hall, President of Aeromatrix. “The sale of these assets to LifePort, allows Aeromatrix to meet its chapter 11 plan requirements, continue fulfilling certain customers’ orders and complete the liquidation of Aeromatrix’s business by December 31, 2023”

LifePort’s commitment to innovation and product quality will continue to bring customers the most innovative designs and place them at the cutting edge of technological advancements.

About LifePort, LLC

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Woodland, Washington, USA. LifePort is a global leader in design, manufacturing, certification, and integration of aerospace solutions, including air medical, armor, and custom cabinetry interiors. With over 25 years of experience and a portfolio of more than 1,000 products, LifePort is committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing safe, mission-driven products and services.

As a result of LifePort’s commitment to unparalleled quality and innovation, their products are relied on by militaries and first responders around the world to save lives. LifePort is structured to provide accelerated delivery through vertical integration, rapid prototyping, optimized production, and additive manufacturing capabilities.

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