Delta Turns Weather Delays Into Pizza Parties


When life gives it thunderstorms and tornadoes, Delta Air Lines has apparently decided to give its passengers pizza. Passengers on several flights headed to Delta’s home hub of Atlanta reported that after landing at diversion airports because of weather the flight crew had pizza delivered via baggage cart to the aircraft, which were sitting on the ramp, rather than parked at gates. Delays lasted two to three hours and passengers tweeted the unexpected relief from the usual drudgery of a weather diversion. “We are sitting on a runway [sic] stuck on a Delta flight because of weather. So they’re throwing us a pizza party!” tweeted passenger Riley Vasquez. Those headed from Philadelphia to Atlanta, via Knoxville, gave the most detail of their experience.

Passenger Khoury Ashooh took photos and reported on the trolley full of Pizza Hut that was distributed to the whole plane. “A fun passenger got up to help serve it. Pretty cool,” he tweeted. In all, at least four diverted flights got the impromptu pizza party and the reviews from surprised passengers were uniformly positive. Nate Turley summed up the feelings of many of his fellow passengers. “Stuck on the tarmac in Knoxville because of a storm over Atlanta but the crew just ordered pizza for the whole plane. Good on you Delta.”