Short Final: Slow Down


Battling 25‑knot headwinds, northbound into Atlanta’s DeKalb‑Peachtree, ATC gave clearance to both my Mooney Ovation and a nearby Bonanza: “Direct WRGNZ, WRGNZ ONE arrival.”

ATC kept me at 6000 feet and descended the Bonanza to 4000 for spacing. I could see the Bonanza’s groundspeed on ADS‑B, and even with his descent I was gaining on him.

“Ha!” I thought, “I’ll beat him there.”

Then ATC said, “Mooney 34S, slow 10 knots for spacing behind the Bonanza.” Dang!

A few minutes later the Bonanza said: “Approach, do I get a gold star for battling these 25‑knot headwinds?”

ATC said, “No, but you do get a prize for a Bonanza beating a Mooney to WRGNZ .”

I couldn’t let that stand and keyed the mic: “But you made me slow down.”

We all got a good chuckle.

Jeff Schlueter
Fernandina Beach, FL