Cirrus Finalizes Jet Interior Design


Cirrus brought a mock-up of their final Vision jet interior to Sun ‘n Fun last week, but if you missed it, that’s because Cirrus, as usual, had no exhibit of their own in Lakeland — the mock-up was hosted at the Whelan tent. “The greatest thing about our jet interior is the modular seating design,” Matt Bergwall, Vision SF50 product line manager, told AVweb by phone from Duluth today. The five passenger seats (three full-size and two limited to 90 pounds) are easy to take out and install, Bergwall said, so the pilot can custom-configure the cabin for each flight. They also can be staggered, to maximize shoulder space.

The pilot and copilot seats slide far back into the cabin, to make it easy to get in and out. “The pilot can close the cabin door without leaving his seat,” Bergwall said. He added that the oval egg shape of the cabin creates a more spacious feeling than the more common “metal tube.” Big windows add to the sense of space, he said. The mock-up and a real jet will be on display at the Cirrus exhibit at EAA AirVenture in July, Bergwall said. And will there also be a Vision jet delivery at the show? “Maybe,” Bergwall said. The company recentlysaidcertification for the jet is expected around the end of the second quarter. The FAA has proposed that Cirrus doesn’t need an in-flight test of the jet’s parachute, and is accepting comments on that proposal till May 2.