Factory-Built RV-12s Almost Ready


Dick VanGrunsven says slow and sure is the pace to success and that’s why we won’t see large-scale production of the renowned kitplane manufacturer’s only ready-to-fly model anytime soon. “We’re kind of taking it gradually into this new arena,” VanGrunsven told AVweb in a podcast interview at Sun ‘n Fun 2013. Van’s introduced the factory-built RV-12 SLSA at AOPA Expo in Palm Springs and almost instantly got the support it needed to start its trial production run with partner Synergy Air, of Eugene, Ore. The first 12 aircraft were sold the first day and several others were put on a waiting list. The first of the initial run are almost finished and ready for delivery this summer and the lessons learned are being evaluated. “It will give us a better idea of how effective and efficient the production is,” he said. Meanwhile, the company’s other new project, the RV-14, was on hand in Lakeland.

VanGrunsven said they’re still doing the detailed engineering on the RV-14, which was introduced at AirVenture 2012. “It’s an RV-7 on steroids,” he said. The aircraft will carry two people (including large people) on long cross countries in the comfort they might experience in some of the higher-end high-performance certified models.