New Aviat Husky A1C: How to Tame Taildragger Bounce


Any taildragger pilot who’s jammed a landing — and that’s basically all of them — will tell you that nailing three-point landings without a bounce takes practice and sometimes even that’s not enough. But in the latest version of its popular utility aircraft, the Husky A1C on display at Lakeland, Aviat has added a nice little feature: The gear legs have race-car style shock absorbers that take the worst of the bite out of a landing that smacks the runway a little harder than the pilot intended. In this video, Aviat’s Larry Schlaslinger gave AVweb a video tour of the airplane and we then adjourned to South Lakeland Airport for a brief flight test.

Aviat also announced that the airplane’s gross weight has been increased by 50 pounds, to 2250 pounds. The A1C has been available with MT composite props for a while, but now buyers have the choice of either a two- or three-blade MT.