AOPA Sweepstakes Plane Awarded


A New Hampshire CFI with a penchant for new technology is the winner of AOPA’s sweepstakes aircraft, a new Remos GX light sport aircraft. Yorke Brown, an engineering and scientific consultant from Etna, N.H., was notified of his win last week and will get his airplane after it comes off display at AOPA Summit in Long Beach, Calif. Brown flies out of Lebanon Airport and now has one primary flight student. He got a trip around the patch in a loaner Remos courtesy of Mid Island Air Service in New York.

In AOPA tradition, an elaborate ruse was concocted to lure Brown to the airport to accept his prize. He has an interest in simulator technology and AOPA got Redbird Flight Simulations to contact him and offer him a spin in their simulator, which uses artificial intelligence to create realistic cockpit scenarios involving interaction with ATC. The computer generated voice gave Brown the news. “Congratulations Yorke Brown,” the simulator said. “You are the winner of the 2010 AOPA Sweepstakes Remos! Enjoy your beautiful new airplane.”