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The FAA is rewriting the definition of "public aircraft" as opposed to civil aircraft but don't hope (or worry) that it's opening any loopholes. The rewrite is just to clean up the language and bring it in line with the Wendell H. Ford Aviation and Investment Reform Act (AIR-21), which was enacted in 2000.

Owners of V-tailed Bonanzas must repetitively inspect fuselage bulkheads for signs of failure. Also, repetitive inspections of the empennage, aft fuselage and ruddervator control system become a one-time action with any subsequent repair and the setting of the elevator controls, rudder and tab system controls, cable tensions and rigging.

Cessna 414A and 402C owners must inspect the wing spar caps for fatigue cracks, apply any necessary repair or replacement and incorporate a spar strap modification on each wing spar.