And Now For Something Completely Different: Neat Show Stuff

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One of the neat things about the really big shows is the airplane stuff that's either new or just new to us. Here are a few things members of the AVweb staff noticed while poking about the show grounds and found interesting. We hope you do, too.

A new high intensity Xenon landing light that gives off six times more light than standard incandescent or halogen bulbs burns a lot cooler and is guaranteed for the rest of your natural life. OK, so the light costs $550.00, but according to Tom O'Neill at Wag-Aero, it's the "last light you'll ever need." The light is STC-ed for most airplanes. The light is # B-226-000 in the latest Wag-Aero Catalog. By the way, the company is also developing a new tailwheel towbar that they say will be a much improved method of towing your tailwheel aircraft

Pilot-friendly GPS manuals from ZD Publishing. (My gosh, you can read them, you can actually read them!) The type is larger and the pages are task-oriented in plain English. Who would have guessed that common sense and larger type could make such a difference? Not all GPS models are available, but those that are in manual form cost between $34.95 and $39.95.

Even if you've never cared about designing an airplane, it might be a fun project to tackle. Don't do it with graph paper and a slide rule because now there is an easier way. DaVinci Technologies is offering an AirplanePDQ computer package to help you build an airplane that could carry your name. Choose your type, high-wing, low-wing, trike or taildragger, and you're off! Price of this package is $99. (