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CEO of the Cockpit #50: On Their Shoulders
There aren't many from the Greatest Generation left -- people and planes -- to remind young folks what flying was like back then ... and what it was like to leave home at a young age to fight halfway around the world. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit sees parallels to his generation of airline captains.

As the Beacon Turns #94: Anybody Can Learn To Fly!
Does anyone still believe the old cliche (perhaps touted by airplane manufacturers) that anyone can learn to fly? Maybe not, but until we take a hard line and help unsuccessful pilots get out of flying and into something they can succeed at, Michael Maya Charles says we're only hurting ourselves.

Every Breath You Take: Danger Lurks at High-Altitude
Training and new technology are helping to reduce the danger of hypoxia. But understanding why your body reacts the way it does can ensure you catch the symptoms before you are incapacitated.