The State Of Security

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Apparently Is New Jersey...

In New Jersey, James E. McGreevey announced on Friday that any aircraft left for more than 24 hours at any of the state's 486 licensed general aviation facilities must have a "two-lock" system. "Two-lock" apparently would lock the door and either the wheel or propeller. New Jersey is also going to install Web cams at the state's 47 public-use GA airports so police can watch them in real time and so images can be recorded at regular intervals.

...As Revocation Rule Is Further Panned

Meanwhile, comments are due Tuesday on the controversial rule that gives the TSA, via the FAA, the right to suspend and ultimately revoke airmen certificates for perceived security threats. All of the pilot-oriented alphabet groups have taken generous swipes at the rule, which essentially makes the TSA the sole arbiter of who is allowed to hold a certificate. But the rule, which became law Jan. 24 -- without a preceding comment period -- also affects aircraft mechanics. The FAA has been taking comments since the rule was enacted and the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) has now put in its two cents' worth. PAMA's main beefs, like those of the pilots' and operators' groups, center mainly on the perceived lack of due process. Theoretically, the TSA can order the FAA to take away a certificate and, using confidentiality rules as a shield, not even tell the certificate holder why. PAMA agrees with other groups that this can essentially make the affected party defenseless. PAMA suggests that, barring documented evidence of an imminent security risk, that those who face certificate suspension be allowed to give their side of the story first. Currently, the TSA is the only avenue of appeal and PAMA wants the appeal process for this measure to be more like the procedure used for other violations, in which the NTSB is the final authority. PAMA is urging anyone involved in aviation to submit comments before Tuesday's deadline.