757 Lands Safely After Fuel Leak On Takeoff

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A British Boeing 757 returned to land safely in Turin, Italy, last Sunday afternoon, after fuel began to stream from a leak in the right wing shortly after takeoff. Someone on the ground got these photos of the incident, which likely appeared more serious than it was. The crew circled the airport, with fuel gushing dramatically from the wing, while the runways were shut down to other traffic and fire and rescue gear was assembled. Once the 757 was light enough to land, the crew made a safe landing. A spokesman for Thomas Cook, the charter company that operates the aircraft, told The Guardian the leak was caused by a faulty fuel valve. It was repaired and the passengers flew home safely on the same aircraft on Monday. One passenger told The Guardian the leaking fuel could be seen from the passenger windows, and some of those on board were worried the aircraft would lose all of its fuel before landing. "But then the pilot calmed us down and everything went smoothly and without a single bump," the passenger said.

Thomas Cook, a charter travel company based in the United Kingdom, operates a fleet of 45 aircraft. The passengers had traveled to Italy for a ski vacation.

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