Airbus Almost Loses It in Nasty Winds

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A Lufthansa A320 with 130 passengers onboard nearly crashed during its landing approach to the Fuhlsbuettel airport in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday in winds gusting as high as 55 mph. Amateur video footage shows the airliner approaching the runway at a substantial crab angle in rain and gusts. Moments after the unidentified pilot kicked out the crab prior to touchdown, the left winglet scraped the runway. "Just before landing, the plane was hit by a very strong gust of wind that led to the left wing touching the ground very briefly," Juergen Raps, Lufthansa executive vice president of operations, told the Reuters news agency. "The pilots reacted outstandingly by inducing a go-around." The Associated Press said that the jet landed on a different runway about 10 minutes later with no injuries reported. Various news agencies reported gale force winds caused flight delays throughout Germany, but no information was available as to why the Lufthansa flight attempted to land in such adverse conditions.