BasicMed Checklist, Video Now Online

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New medical rules for pilots, known as BasicMed, take effect May 1, but starting today, pilots can start to prepare for the new requirements. Forms and checklists for both pilots and doctors are posted online at the FAA website. The FAA also has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and said the Medical Self-Assessment course developed by AOPA (and available free online for anyone) can be used to fulfill its requirement to complete a medical education course every two years. The rule also requires a medical exam every four years, and compliance with certain operating restrictions — for example, BasicMed pilots can’t fly with more than six people in the aircraft, and the aircraft must weigh 6,000 pounds or less.

While waiting for May 1 to arrive, pilots can go ahead and make their doctor appointment, have a doctor fill out the FAA checklist and complete the free AOPA online medical course. “Once these requirements are met, pilots just have to wait until May 1 to exercise the privileges of BasicMed,” said AOPA. Pilots must retain the completed exam checklist with their logbook, along with the certificate of completion from the online course.

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Took the AOPA course yesterday. Took about 45 minutes including the test at the end & was no big deal. It mostly stresses the importance of self-assessment in deciding when to fly. Not sure if I will go Basic Med or renew my third class, but it is coming up next month. My doctor's reaction to the FAA checklist may decide for me.

Posted by: John McNamee | April 25, 2017 10:18 AM    Report this comment

Completed AOPA course and first part of checklist. Contacted my AME of 15 years for appointment and he refuses to do Basic Med exams due to liability. He has been a friend and conducted dozens of FAA 1st and 2nd class medicals over the years. AOPA should not have caved in on the original idea. This is not what it was made out to be. If an FAA medical examiner is not comfortable completing the checklist, who will be? This Basic Med is really an improvement over the first class medical. Not!

Posted by: william church | April 27, 2017 12:04 PM    Report this comment

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