FAA Extends ADS-B Mandate To 2040

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Editor's note: This article was published on April 1, 2018. It is an April Fool's gag. The FAA is not delaying the January 1, 2020 ADS-B mandate deadline. 

Conceding that aircraft owners—and even airlines—aren’t equipping quickly enough with ADS-B, the FAA on Sunday announced that it’s extending the mandate deadline to Jan. 1, 2040. Previously the equipage deadline was 2020.

“Our data shows that the fleet won’t have installation equipage sufficient to make NextGen even marginally operative,” an FAA spokesman said over the weekend. Therefore, the agency will move the deadline to 2040, by which time it expects at least half of owners to have equipped. The agency added that given price trends on ADS-B technology, owners will be able to equip their aircraft with by-then obsolete technology for about 10 percent of current costs.

To encourage equipage, the FAA will offer a second ADS-B rebate similar to the $500 pot-sweetener it announced last year to prime the installation pump. This time, another 20,000 owners will be eligible for the rebate, which the FAA says will be $25. AVweb will have more information on the rebate when it becomes available. However, owners can pre-register for the rebate program at this site


Comments (46)

I think that today's article should have been about the FAA requirement by 2040 that ALL aircraft must be "FULLY Autonomous".

Legacy pilots must go back through flight training on how to sit still and touch nothing.

Posted by: Klaus Marx | April 1, 2018 10:24 AM    Report this comment

LOL...this is comical at best. They had to extended by 20 year!? Not 2 or 3? Why would they make such an announcement over Easter weekend? Is it so they won't be laughed at and hardly noticed?

Personally, I think (actually I know) it's the FAA whose "installation equipage sufficient to make NextGen even marginally operative..." has failed. Too me this is the FAA admitting that NextGen is an utter flop (no surprise) and they just bought themselves another 20 years to come up with some other crap.

The FAA can't spend $$ productively and/or responsibility at all - failure "leadership". Government keeps cutting their budget - failure "leadership".

And, to top it all off, by 2040 the NextGen system being built today is going to be outdated by 2040. So where the f#ck have/are tax payer monies going? Somebody needs to call these idiotic, incompetent, morons out on the throw-up that keeps coming out of their mouth.

Posted by: Aa Oo | April 1, 2018 10:37 AM    Report this comment

This is april fools joke right?

Posted by: Howard Nelson | April 1, 2018 10:42 AM    Report this comment

Hahahahaaa!!!!! April Fools!!

Posted by: larry LUBESKI | April 1, 2018 10:57 AM    Report this comment

Take a look at today's date.

Posted by: Vince Smith | April 1, 2018 12:23 PM    Report this comment

Ha ha, good one Paul. The $25 rebate kind of gave it away, but still a good joke. In reality, I still maintain they will push the deadline back, but probably not 20 years. :-)

Posted by: John McNamee | April 1, 2018 1:01 PM    Report this comment


You've realized the dream of every airline CEO and lobbyist - if only for a day!

Posted by: kim hunter | April 1, 2018 1:18 PM    Report this comment

John, the $25 was evidently too subtle. The other drop dead clue is the illustration. It's an SDI graphic showing missiles flying from the USSR. That it looks just like an ADS-B graphic is a joke in itself. One reader wrote me and said he clicked on the links that go to a Top 10 April Fool's site and said although he saw that, is this a real story or not?

Foghorn Leghorn's got nothing on me.

Posted by: Paul Bertorelli | April 1, 2018 1:33 PM    Report this comment

Could this article be a big April Fools joke? 20 years? Really?

Posted by: Douglas O'Donnell | April 1, 2018 1:53 PM    Report this comment

Ha Ha....doesn't matter to me....I'm never going to install ADS-B anyway since in the last 10 years I only flew where I needed it a total of three times. I'll be lucky to still be flying in 20 years...even if it was true.

Posted by: Joe Zurawski | April 1, 2018 1:53 PM    Report this comment

I appreciate a good prank as much as anyone, probably more than most. However, AvWeb is a site that I have grown to trust. It just didn't go over too well.

Posted by: David Doyle | April 1, 2018 2:04 PM    Report this comment

I also was made a fool of. I have to say. I don't like it. I certainly didn't expect it or appreciate it from AVWeb. Disappointed. Have removed AVWeb from my google news feed.

April's fools jokes were all the rage in middle school. 50 years ago.

I work 3 jobs trying to make it and keep an old airplane operational. I don't have time to be made a fool of. If I did this, my boss would not be amused. If my staff did it, I would not be amused. If my A&P did this, I'd find another.

Posted by: Dan Haynes | April 1, 2018 2:18 PM    Report this comment

Nice one, AVweb!

To the people whose feelings are hurt- you gotta get over yourselves. I hope your critical thinking skills are sharper when you are doing things like flight planning or making business decisions than when you are reading a funny article on a Sunday morning. Sheesh!

Posted by: Jim Carriere | April 1, 2018 2:34 PM    Report this comment

I have to admit....this is third grade crap.....some joke....I've seen it re-posted in at least six places today...and people believing it.

Posted by: Joe Zurawski | April 1, 2018 2:38 PM    Report this comment

Jim, I understand that I need to get over it. Let me add a little as to why this kinda miffed me. See, I am a pretty law abiding guy, and try to do right. So I was an early adopter and got a NavWorx unit installed to the tune of a little over $4k. Now it sits on my shelf as a trot-line weight and. I have to look at another option. I live a ch (cubic hair) inside a class b radius, so I will have to ultimately comply. Be assured, I will be among the last. As a result, I failed to see the humor in this article.

Hopefully, someone smarter than me will come up with a plug and play replacement for the Navworx.

Posted by: David Doyle | April 1, 2018 4:05 PM    Report this comment

If this is supposed to be funny it is about as funny as unloading a truck load of dead babies with a pitch fork. :-(

Posted by: bruce postlethwait | April 1, 2018 4:14 PM    Report this comment

Avweb knows that many of their readers seriously don't like, want, or appreciate the ADS-B techno-hassle. So while a good-natured April fools joke is all well and good, I sense a touch of schadenfreude behind this story (as well as a few other of Avweb's stories of late).

Posted by: Ken Keen | April 1, 2018 4:29 PM    Report this comment

Wait, after years of being warned not to by parents, teachers, and friends, some people really *do* believe everything they read?

Too bad "Critical Thinking" is not a required subject at school. :)

Posted by: Kirk Wennerstrom | April 1, 2018 4:29 PM    Report this comment


Kinda like finding out your trusted source is more into joking about serious stuff than being a trusted source. Hope the Weather service doesn't follow suit when I check flight weather. Maybe I am taking this flying business too seriously.

Posted by: David Doyle | April 1, 2018 4:38 PM    Report this comment

I knew it was BS but I really did not find it funny in any way!

Posted by: David Asp | April 1, 2018 4:47 PM    Report this comment

Mr. Bertorelli,
Great job. I had recently bought a C-182P and just had ADS-B installed. I was at work in a hospital when I came across the article. It immediately precipitated a migraine headache and I had to lie down. Of course, I called and texted friends who are fellow aviators with my outrage at the FAA. One of my friends (most of us are, obviously, not too bright) realized it was an April Fool's joke. You definitely got me. I congratulate you on a very funny (in hindsight) article. I always enjoy your articles and reports. Happy Easter.

Posted by: Frank Rosenbloom | April 1, 2018 5:24 PM    Report this comment

A guide to the miffed,
One of the problems, I think, with our country today is that we take ourselves too seriously. This is not the weather service or flight following. Mr. Bertorelli usually mixes in a little good natured humor with his excellent articles and reports. I'm a doctor, was working in the hospital and the article honestly brought on a migraine necessitating my taking some medication. Big deal. I would have thought it funny even if I had a stroke. Besides, if I was that close to a stroke I would have had one soon anyway. It was well thought out, from the graphic to the $25 rebate. The links were there to click, but I didn't. I think it was great. The article was not going to change anyone's life on an Easter Sunday. Chill and enjoy the fact that you were fooled, if you were. Good job, Paul.

Posted by: Frank Rosenbloom | April 1, 2018 5:36 PM    Report this comment

Effin great, now AVWEB is fake News, adios!

Posted by: Ted Kay | April 1, 2018 6:27 PM    Report this comment

Well done Paul! You had me for a minute....

The only thing funnier is the lame I have no sense of humor comments from the offended... :^)

Posted by: DeWayne Colombe | April 1, 2018 6:32 PM    Report this comment

You had me going with that one!

Posted by: Stephen Watkins | April 1, 2018 6:41 PM    Report this comment

Those who were fooled, and I was one of them, have only themselves to blame, given the number of clues Paul gave us. It was, once my friend Josh pointed it out, unobviously obvious. Do you always get this upset when someone is cleverer than you? What does that say about how you fly? Are any of you miffed people old enough to remember the War of the Worlds, or the story about it? I'm sure you would have been shooting at aliens. Get a life! It was funny. I'm enjoying being made fun of by my friends. And the sense of relief I had when I found out it was a joke? Priceless. I'll be ready next year, though.

Posted by: Frank Rosenbloom | April 1, 2018 7:10 PM    Report this comment

Wow, looks like I touched a nerve here doc. I merely stated that I was "somewhat miffed" that a responsible and respected aviation resource pulled a joke that I thought was inappropriate considering its readership. Was I fooled, yeah about 30 seconds. It was obviously a joke, and I am over it. However,there were several other stories which I did not read because I did not feel like taking the time me to fact check them to see what was real and what was BS. What I am having issues with are those who attack anyone who has a differing opinion. So you question my flying ability and feel sure I would be shooting at aliens. Yeah, Paul, good joke. Take your own advice doc and take a chill pill....

Posted by: David Doyle | April 1, 2018 7:56 PM    Report this comment

Oh man. You got me good! The thing is, it's (sadly) not far from the realms of possibilities. The FAA is dysfunctional and way off timeline and budget for NextGen.

PS...somebody still needs to call those idiotic, incompetent, morons out on the throw-up that keeps coming out of their mouth.

Posted by: Aa Oo | April 1, 2018 11:25 PM    Report this comment


AvWeb is in good company. The official newspaper of MIT, "the Tech", ran an April Fools Day science article every year. Back in the seventies a "Tech" account of a massive celestial object discovered very close to earth was picked up by the New York Times. In spite of the dateline and a highly detailed description of the object, the breathless NYT science editor failed to recognize the Sun.

Posted by: kim hunter | April 2, 2018 12:29 AM    Report this comment

Good one AvWeb!

THANKS for 5 minutes of joy and hope (before I realized the date).

Posted by: Mark Fraser | April 2, 2018 8:54 AM    Report this comment

My first words were "They caved!!" but then I realized the truth. Kudos AVWEB!!! Really, really good one.

Posted by: kingston livingston | April 2, 2018 9:04 AM    Report this comment

Hi Paul,
What a hoot. i had to click just to see what was at the end of the line of the April Fool's joke. Orson Wells...remember the "War of the World's" broadcast of Oct 30th, 1938?... has nothing on you. If only you added a blacked out video feed with a deep, sophisticated voice, your broadcast and commentary for 2040 ADS-B compliance would be a permanent addition to Wikipedia. I am glad you are far from politically correct. I am looking forward to next year's prank where we will hear the FAA will be fully funded by 2040. Can you imagine the back lash on that one? keep up the good work.

Posted by: Jim Holdeman | April 2, 2018 9:23 AM    Report this comment

Looked at the graphic and knew immediately what was going on. I used to live my (working) life among those diagrams. Most of them were hilarious in their ridiculous simplifications - and few took them seriously. But they persisted in using them!

Dave Harvey

Posted by: David Harvey | April 2, 2018 9:39 AM    Report this comment

Mental note: Never fly with the above miffed pilots. They are probably the same guys that berate pilots on-frequency when someone makes a call stating altitude then location instead of location then altitude.

If you didn't know it was a joke by the 20-year extension in the headline, I seriously question your decision making capabilities...

Posted by: John (Dizzy) Phunt | April 2, 2018 10:24 AM    Report this comment

Geez! You'd think people would click on the rebate link.

Posted by: Wally Roberts | April 2, 2018 1:07 PM    Report this comment

That article was a classic, Paul. Always enjoy your sense of humor and writing style. Had me going for a few minutes. That article was particularly relevant to me since I am on my second ADS-B unit. First the NavWorx AD ended my first attempt to meet the 2020 mandate. Next I purchased a Garmin GDL-82 and am using a Stratux2 In receiver. Wasted over $2700 on the NavWorx even though it worked perfectly, The Garmin works equally well and am again enjoying ADS-B Traffic and Weather. Still wishing to qualify for the $25 rebate. Where do I sign up?

Posted by: Vern Schulze | April 2, 2018 5:42 PM    Report this comment

I swallowed it hook,line,and sinker. It's amazing the stuff we get up tight about nowadays. I still love the site. Pat.

Posted by: Patrick J Schmeltz | April 2, 2018 11:33 PM    Report this comment

Not funny if this is a April Fools Joke. Armature journalism. If so I will definitely remove my subscription and any email will be directed to junk folder from you guys.

Posted by: craig saxton | April 3, 2018 9:02 AM    Report this comment

Stupid unprofessional joke. I thought journalists were not supposed to fool around like this.
Shame on you!

Posted by: David Hipschman | April 3, 2018 12:44 PM    Report this comment

After spending major bucks on my ADS-B and being responsible early on, this just made me mad. First, when I heard about it and thought it was true, and Secondly, when I heard it wasn't true.

Posted by: Jim Smith | April 3, 2018 2:08 PM    Report this comment

AvWeb touts that it is the "World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource"!

Before I finished the article I realized 3 gross give away's
1. 20 years!! 2-3 or even 5 would have been believable.
2. $25 rebate! should have been 25cents!

And finally, the FAA, sure doesn't issue anything on weekends, especially Easter Sunday!!

Well I like a joke more than some people. BUT, the article "FAA Extends ADS-B Mandate To 2040",
was/is in poor taste! Think of all the people that thought they wasted money, complying early.

Then, when there was no disclaimer for days, it shows their true colors. Just another FAKE NEWS

I was just getting to watch AvWeb, Now, I won't!

Any news on the $2,500 4 place 180hp SE? $3,000 for a retractable? NO, I didn't leave off 3 more

How about a Pressurized Twin for $10,000!!


Posted by: John Mullen | April 4, 2018 1:26 AM    Report this comment

Hahaha, love all the dumb liberal pussy crybabies complaining about a joke.
Yet another proof that the pussification of our country is irreversible now. We are overrun by them.

PEOPLE, this was a joke. A JOKE. Do you not get it? No? Are you too stupid to understand what a joke means? You choose to find an offense in an April Fools day gag article? Then GTFO, nobody cares for your crying and whining. Go back to California.

To the editor: please do not apologize to these crybabies, all they do is whine. Let them leave, please. Keep up the good work, post good informative articles and throw in a joke once in a while. I promise we will laugh.

Posted by: asfsdafasdfasdfa asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf | April 4, 2018 12:05 PM    Report this comment

Never overestimate your readers intellect or reading and comprehension skills. Condolences.

Posted by: Jason Baker | April 5, 2018 3:14 AM    Report this comment

Seriously? This was funny as hell! The USSR, Allied Defense an immediate dead give-away... and some people are offended. Good grief, if this little bit of creative fake news offends some snowflake pilots, perhaps they shouldn't be one!

Posted by: Doug Ryan | April 6, 2018 4:05 PM    Report this comment

Seriously? This was hilarious. What's wrong with people. The graphic with USSR and Allied Defense was an immediate dead give-away. If some snowflake pilots are offended with a fake news joke, perhaps they shouldn't be reading AVWeb. Perhaps someone should start a new website like snowflake-aviation dot com.

Posted by: Doug Ryan | April 6, 2018 4:09 PM    Report this comment

Recall Robin Williams (or before him, Jonathan Winters)--their style was to make outrageous and fast-paced commentary--commentary that had you thinking about what they had just said, ("did he just say what I thought he said?") while they moved on to yet another comment.

The FAA operates at such a slow pace that it DESERVES to be mocked. It is a mark of how accustomed we have become to such a slow pace that we tend to believe almost anything they propose.

The very LAST thing I want to see is for Paul to slow down his humor to match his audience.

Posted by: jim hanson | April 6, 2018 5:56 PM    Report this comment

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