Skydiver Lands In Moving Convertible

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A California skydiver has become a YouTube sensation by sticking a landing in a moving convertible. Katie Hansen actually pulled off the stunt in June at an extreme sports event in Norway but one of her friends posted the video last week. It shows GoPro footage from the jumper's point of view and from the hood of the car that make the jump look easy. Hansen, who is from northern California, told Good Morning America she nailed the landing on her first attempt.

"I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous but I was definitely very focused," Hansen said. It's not the first time someone has parachuted into a moving convertible but the crew from Top Gear had a much more difficult time achieving it. The popular BBC car show spent most of a day and burned a lot of avgas trying to get their skydiver into the back seat of a Mercedes convertible. They were ultimately successful but not before the skydiver bounced off the car and ended up landing on all sides of it on the previous attempts.

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