Turkish Hurkus Military Trainer Flies

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Turkish Aircraft Industries has flown the Hurkus, a two-seat tandem trainer that is designed to compete with the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II and Embraer Super Tucano. The aircraft, which is apparently a clean-sheet design but looks a lot like a T-6, was announced in 2007 and flew on Aug. 29 in Ankara. The 33-minute gear-down flight appeared to test basic flight characteristics and was flown by†Murat ÷zpala. Like the T-6 and Tucano, the aircraft will be offered in basic flight trainer and light attack versions on the military market but TAI is also seeking EASA certification for a civilian version.

The civilian aircraft will likely come without the ejection seat, exploding canopy and weapons hard points on the military variants but it will likely include the airframe and engine features that could find a niche market with adrenaline junkies who have cash to spare. The aircraft has a 1,600-shp Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop that will pull it along at up to 310 knots. It's stressed for +7/-3.5 Gs and will climb at 4,300 fpm. The concentration will be on the military market initially and besides the Turkish air force, Australia and Sweden have expressed interest.

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