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Last week, AVweb asked readers to go out an a limb and predict the results of the X Prize race.  At that time, SpaceShipOne had one successful launch in the bag but had only 10 days to accomplish a second launch.  One week later, we know how the X Prize turned out -- and 70% of you guessed right!  A more cautious 12% of readers thought that 10 days was a short turnaround time for a successful launch.  15% of respondents expressed some concern about last Wednesday's roll.  Only 3% of readers held out hope that one of the other X Prize competitors might steal the $10 million Ansari prize at the last minute.


Controllers.  If you've been reading AVweb recently, then you've seen that there are some differences of opinion regarding what controllers do all day and whether or not a shortage is imminent.  Were you appalled by Jane Doe's letter to AVweb?  Were you appalled by NATCA President John Carr's public response?

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