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Last week, AVweb asked if your aircraft had ever been on the receiving end of a lightning strike.

Most of you (65% of respondents) said no, you'd never been the victim of a lightning strike and you fly a metal airplane.  Another 4% of you (who fly composite aircraft) said you hadn't been stricken either.  Counting the 8% of you who chose our somewhat cheeky answer (Does St. Elmo's Fire count?), that's 77% of AVweb respondent who have not been stricken by lightning.

One the other hand, 15% of you (flying mostly metal aircraft) have been stricken by lighting and another 9% were stricken while flying an airliner.

One single reader told us he (or she) had been hit while flying a mostly composite aircraft.


Mid-airs they've multiplied over the past few days. How concerned are you that you'll be struck from the sky by another aircraft?

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