Question of the Week: Uncertain Future for Leading VLJs

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Last week we reported on a U.S. Air Force program to train UAV pilots who won't have actual experience in the cockpit of an aircraft and a disagreement between the FAA and unions ove whether tower and radar controllers should be cross-trained. Given the news, we thought it would be a good time to ask if aviation training (as a rule of thumb) should be job-specific or a little broader.

Your responses seem to bear out the 21st Century notion that the age of specialization is drawing to a close. 39% of those who took time to participate in our informal poll agreed with the statement specialization should occur only after general knowledge is learned and demonstrated, and another 32% of you said that there's too much cooperation and integration of duties to comparmentalize them; everyone should be comfortable with every job involved in their mission.

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Amid troubling new reports on some of the most promising very light jets, we find ourselves wondering what the future holds for AAI (owners of the Adam A700 design) and Eclipse. We imagine our readers are doing some wondering as well, and we're curious what you think.

Where will the VLJ market shake out,
as far as Eclipse and AAI are concerned?

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