Carter Copter To Go Faster Turning Rotor Slower


Later this year, the CarterCopter will be ready to break the Mu-1 barrier, company prez Jay Carter Jr. said at AirVenture last week. And just to show he has confidence, he plans to do it at Texas Motor Speedway in front of thousands of spectators, on November 22. Achieving Mu-1 means the gyroplane will be able to achieve greater forward speeds by slowing down its rotor and reducing its aerodynamic drag. Mu refers to the ratio of the aircraft’s forward speed to the rotor’s tip speed, which varies at a wider margin between the advancing and retreating blades as the vehicle’s forward airspeed increases. The challenge in achieving Mu-1, according to Carter Copter, is to maintain rotor stability. “[Many] don’t believe we can break Mu-1, but we are confident we can,” Carter said. Carter also said they are working on their next-generation aircraft, which will include both certified and kit versions. They are designing the aircraft to be easy and fun to fly, with features to include a tiltable rotor mast for pitch control and a patented rotor blade to provide stability and ease of control.