Cessna Maintenance Soon To Get Easier?


Some manuals that support Cessna aircraft stretch 10,000 pages long, and some aircraft models are attached to as many as ten of them. For Cessna, updating one of those manuals is no small task, but a software company is hoping their efforts will make sense of the mess all those pages can make for pilots and mechanics, too. Cessna, working with Arbortext software, plans to offer customized manuals and catalogs so that pilots, field service personnel, and mechanics can quickly locate relevant information among pages or megabytes of the irrelevant. While the FAA requires flight manuals left to paper, service personnel may prefer CD-ROM or Web-based products to their maintenance manuals and parts catalogs. Manuals are currently published in different formats based on user requirements and federal regulations. Users will soon get to decide if the next generation is a marked improvement.