Chalk’s Grounds Fleet, Pays Victims Families


Chalk’s Ocean Airways has grounded its remaining Grumman Mallards after it was revealed that undetected fatigue and stress cracks existed in the wing spar of one of its airplanes prior to the crash a week ago. All 20 people aboard died when the turboprob-powered amphib went down near Miami after the right wing separated shortly after takeoff. Although fatigue cracks were found, NTSB Acting-Chairman Mark Rosenker said not all the cracks in the spar were caused by age. He also said they would have been hard to spot without a dye penetration test and that he presently believes Chalk’s didn’t know about the cracks. The NTSB has recovered all of the wreckage and the investigation is being moved to Washington. The cockpit voice recorder was recovered but it wasn’t readable. Meanwhile, Chalk’s and its insurers have given money to the victims’ families to cover immediate expenses and will be covering all funeral costs.