GA Pilots Recruited For Cockpit Study


If you’d like a glimpse ahead at future cockpit technology and wouldn’t mind helping make it pilot-friendly, NASA and Lockheed Martin need you. You’ll even get paid for it. The company is recruiting GA pilots to take part in a series of NASA Aviation Safety Program studies at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. The studies center around the development of future glass-cockpit technology and advanced flight-deck concepts dealing with safety and automation. There is particular interest in pilot opinions on Synthetic Vision Systems, which use computers and GPS to create clear virtual views of the outside world regardless of weather. The research is part of an ongoing program at Langley to reduce the aviation accident rate. Airline and corporate pilots are also called upon for their input. Lockheed Martin provides transportation, hotel, expenses and a stipend for anyone chosen to take part. Minimum qualifications for GA pilots are a valid medical, current private certificate and a single-engine land rating. Anyone interested in sampling the very latest in cockpit wizardry can e-mail or call Regina Johns at 1-800-766-9690.