Javelin Jet In The Mainstream


The non-aviation press might not pay much heed to small airplanes most of the time, but one emerging exception to that is the two-seat Javelin Jet. Latest to notice it is Forbes Magazine. “In full sun on the runway at Centennial, surrounded by multimillion-dollar business jets, the Javelin stopped me cold,” writes Taylor Antrim in the April issue. With the prototype still early in flight testing, Antrim didn’t get to fly one, but he did try out the simulator, and that was close enough. “This novice pilot lifted off, executed some pretty wicked rolls and loops, flew inverted and even landed twice in a row. … The Javelin simulator is probably the greatest video game on the planet — and not surprisingly, it’s ATG’s most persuasive sales tool,” he wrote. “Take a spin over the virtual Rocky Mountains for an hour or so and you’ll emerge from the cockpit feeling like Tom Cruise and reaching for your checkbook.” Hopefully a fat checkbook — the Javelin sells for $2.8 million. Over 100 deposits are already holding slots, with first deliveries expected in 2009.