LAX Mini-Route Now Open 24/7


The FAA has made the VFR transition “mini-route” across the east end of Los Angeles International (LAX) available anytime, as of yesterday, AOPA reported this week. Since the establishment of the route by the FAA in June 2002, internal logistical problems at the tower had restricted its availability, AOPA said, and it was open only four to eight hours per day. The transition is now available 24 hours a day, weather and traffic configuration permitting, for all aircraft regardless of their departure or arrival points, the FAA said in a Letter to Airmen. “It is imperative that general aviation VFR traffic has adequate access through L.A.’s Class B airspace,” said AOPA Air Traffic Manager Heidi Williams on Monday. “This change will finally do that.” The mini-route replaces the LAX Shoreline Transition Route, which was suspended after several instances of airliners getting too close to VFR traffic. It appears the VFR pilots were never at fault, AOPA said.