Pro-Pilot Commuting Nightmare — A Niche For VLJs?


For commercial flight crews in the U.S., commuting to work can be a job in itself. With airlines cutting back on flights and more jets flying at capacity, professional pilots and crew who need a ride to work are finding it tough. “Sometimes it takes me two days,” Jason Miller, an Airbus 320 captain for JetBlue Airways, told The New York Times. Miller lives in Wichita but is based out of New York. Some crew members spend frequent nights away from home sleeping in the airport and eating in the food court. Commuting is not always by choice — some workers were transferred after nearby operations closed, or have moved to less expensive areas to save for retirement, not trusting their pension plans. But the droves of very light jets headed for the market could be just what they need. The business model for VLJ air-taxi services aims to help people get from point to point quickly and efficiently. Seems tailor-made for the weary airline commuter. The Eclipse jet is scheduled to be certified by the end of this month, so soon we’ll be seeing the air-taxi concept in action.