Security Measures For GA Airports


On Monday, the General Aviation Airport Security Working Group released its final report on GA security to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The goal of the Working Group, made up of representatives from GA alphabet groups such as GAMA, AOPA, EAA, NATA, NBAA, and more, was to develop guidelines for security at the nation’s GA airports. The group recommended that pilot certificates should include photos, specific threats should be better disseminated, the TSA should reward airports for terrorism-related convictions, and federal funds should be allotted to build more hangars. Overall, the report concluded that GA airports are so diverse, the best approach is to proceed case by case, but outlined general practices that can be followed. “Local airport officials and pilot communities have the best perspective on the security needs at their airports,” said AOPA’s Andy Cebula, a member of the group. The report also recommended that unfunded mandates to airports, states, general aviation businesses, manufacturers and pilots should be avoided, and that GA should not be singled out and asked to follow security procedures that are beyond those being adopted by other transportation modes. The report includes a comprehensive outline of recommended practices regarding personnel, aircraft, facilities, surveillance and communications.