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Last week, AVweb asked readers to pick their favorite new jets.  If price were no object, which one VLJ would you have in your hangar?

It should be noted that this is the same poll we ran the week before – except last week we included the Adam A700, which was mistakenly left out of the first poll.  It’s a good thing we included it, too – the A700 cornered more votes than any other jet, accounting for 37% of our readers’ responses.

Cessna’s Mustang did pretty well, too.  Although it was the top vote-getter before we added the Adam A700, it still placed second in our revised poll, accounting for 21% of your votes.

The Eclipse 500 and ATG Javelin ranked neck-and-neck in both polls.  Before we added the A700, votes for the Javelin outstripped those for the Eclipse – but a few Javelin fans must have defected to Adam, because the ATG received only 12% of the vote in our revised poll, while the Eclipse cadged 14%.

Diamond’s D-Jet was the next most popular choice (with 6% of the vote), followed by the Spectrum 33 (4%), and the upcoming Cirrus P-Jet (2%).

29 of you told us that we still hadn’t listed your favorite VLJ.  (Sorry.)


This week’s question comes by way of suggestion from Richard Herbst of Control Vision Corp. "I’d like to see a ‘Question of the Week’ addressing the relationship between fuel prices and hours flown," writes Richard.  "What effect are fuel prices having on your flying?"

We’d like to know, too – so click here to answer

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