Question of the Week: What Level of Performance Would Tempt You to Go Electric?


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Last week, we asked how much is too much for avgas.

At what price did most readers say they would stop flying? Shockingly, 29% of those who responded said they’re already too high (and I’ve already quit)! Another 45% of respondents drew the line at various points along the $7/8/9/15-a-gallon spectrum we outlined, and the final 26% of you said I could never quit, no matter how much I have to pay for gas.

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With fuel prices constantly on the rise, we’ve been getting a lot of QOTW suggestions from readers about alternative power. Here’s one from Bruce B., who sent us a rather specific list of characteristics and wonders if any of these might tempt AVweb readers to make the jump to a battery-powered electric airplane:

What would be the minimum acceptable speed, climb rate, cruise speed, payload and flight time endurance acceptable to make you consider owning a battery-powered electric airplane if it cost under $150,000?
(Remember that fuel and maintenance costs would be greatly reduced!)
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