Short Final


Today, the weather in Southern Wisconsin was dicey. Severe thunderstorms with hail, high winds, and tornados on the ground 20 miles north of the Madison, Wisconsin Dane County Regional airport.

A female voice in a Learjet 45 comes over to Madison approach from Chicago Center and says:
"Madison approach, Lear 12345 is with you out of 10,000 planning on landing Madison to pick up fuel. We’ve been chased all over the place with this weather."

After vectoring her to the 18 ILS, the controller says:
"Airport 11 o’clock, 10 miles; do you have it?"

She says:
"Yes, we have the runway in sight."

Controller says:
"Then I suggest that you take over visually and ‘save yourself.’ Tower now on 119.3."

With a halting voice she replies:
"I’ve never heard it put quite that way before. That’s pretty blunt. Going over to the tower now."

Robert Wuilleumier
via e-mail